mushroom spores

Mushroom Growing Process From Spores | Fast & Easy

Growing Mushroom Spores Here is a great video on the entire process of growing spores. It is simple, fast and easy enough for anyone to do. Video is how I prefer to learn, so for all you visual people, here you go! Be sure to check out our other blog articles as well.

Species Of Mushrooms

Mushroom Species List

There are more than 10,000 different species of mushroom, from the tiny ones that pop up in your lawn after a rain to enormous tree-dwelling bracket fungi. With so many species out there, they can be tricky to identify. When it comes to mushrooms, identification is crucial. Some are delicacies, and some are deadly. It’s …

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Oyster mushroom

Oyster Mushroom Spores

A mushroom is the fruiting body of a fungus. Mushrooms carry spores on the underside of their mushroom cap, and the spores are used to propagate the fungus. Mushrooms have traditionally been used in a range of cuisines, predominantly in East Asian countries. Today they are extensively used for human consumption all over the world …

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Mushroom spores

Mushroom Spores

At The Holy Mushroom, we pride ourselves on providing quality products for our customers. We know the transformative power these spores can have on the lives of our customers and work to provide them with the best of the best. Getting Started Once you’ve understood the medicinal power of mushroom spores, it can still be …

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