Mushroom Spores

Mushroom spores

At The Holy Mushroom, we pride ourselves on providing quality products for our customers. We know the transformative power these spores can have on the lives of our customers and work to provide them with the best of the best.

Getting Started

Once you’ve understood the medicinal power of mushroom spores, it can still be slightly intimidating to decide where to begin with collecting and storing your own spores.

Luckily, we’ve got all the tools you need in order to safely store your spores, helping you to maximize their beneficial properties.

What Can You Use Spores For?

Once you’ve got your mushroom spores properly cultivating, you’ll be able to reap the myriad health benefits associated with various strains of mushrooms. These health benefits have been used throughout both traditional and nontraditional medicine for years.

Mushrooms Help Prevent Cancer

The popular mushroom ingredient lentinan is a specific type of sugar that has been linked to slowed tumor growth. Mushrooms such as Hen of the Woods and Shiitake both contain lentinan, and are becoming an increasingly important weapon in the fight against cancer.

In fact, many Asian countries already utilize mushrooms in combination with chemotherapy in order to help fight cancer. Over the course of Asian medicine, over 100 different types of mushrooms have been used in the fight against cancer.

Brain Power

Even those not fighting serious or terminal diseases can see a massive improvement in their health through the use of mushrooms. Several types of mushrooms have been linked with providing effective brainwave boosts that improve many cognitive abilities.

Those suffering from serious neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s have seen a major improvement after implementing stimulation from mushroom compounds. The compounds found in several species of mushroom have been linked to repaired neurological trauma as well as improved cognitive abilities.

These improvements in turn work to help reconstruct muscle and motor response pathways that suffer as a direct result of Alzheimer’s disease as well as many other neurologically debilitating diseases.

Enhanced Athletics

Many species of mushrooms such as cordyceps can help athletes tremendously. These mushrooms can improve stamina while working out and help regulate bodily oxygenation.

This, in turn, works to help athletes remain energetic and unfatigued. While these types of effects can greatly benefit professional athletes, they can also greatly improve one’s performance during even the most routine of athletic activities.

Improved Immune Health

As though gaining boosted mental and physical performance wasn’t enough, mushrooms such as the reishi help increase one’s health over their lifetime by boosting one’s immune system overall.

Those looking for a boost to their overall health as well as increased longevity will likely find the secret ingredient they’ve been looking for in the powerful reishi mushroom.

Spore Strain Matters

Once you’ve identified what sorts of health benefits you’re looking for from your mushroom spores, your next task will be to decide which mushroom best fits in with the benefit you’re looking for.

There are hundreds of different species of mushrooms out there, each with their own health benefits. As we’ve mentioned previously, the health benefits of utilizing mushroom spores are both many and varying.

First deciding what benefits you’re looking for from various mushrooms is greatly important. The next step is choosing between mushrooms that do the same thing.

Utilizing Mushroom Spores Safely

The best course of action is to first look at which of these mushroom species are readily available for purchase. Once you’ve identified the kind of mushroom you’re looking for and narrowed down your options between the species readily available to you, your research is still not over.

Once you’ve purchased the species of mushroom you’ve settled on, you’ll have to be sure you’re using it correctly. Not all mushroom species are created equal. For example, about 9 grams of reishi extract is likely going to be more than enough to help boost your overall health.

However, there is a great difference between even the forms of the mushroom you’re choosing to use. The dosage of mushroom you’ll want to use will vary greatly depending on how you’re ingesting it.

Cultivating Spores

You can get started with growing and cultivating mushroom spores yourself by first inoculating a substrate for cultivation. In order to do this yourself, you’ll first have to make sure you’re purchasing a mushroom syringe that includes a properly sterilized spore strain.

Using Spore Syringes

It is important to first make sure the syringes you are choosing to use are sterile. For this reason, syringes sold by High Desert Spores contain a mixture of spores preserved in sterile water.

What’s more, we work to ensure our syringes remain in a sterile environment throughout the preparation process, keeping our spores safe and ready for inoculation.

Storing Spore Syringes

When properly prepared, mushroom spore syringes should be used within a matter of months. However, most strains can last for a number of years provided they are stored in the correct environment.

As a rule, these syringes should be kept in a cold and dark area. Keeping them in your refrigerator is a perfectly valid way to store most strains of mushroom spores for years to come.

Sterilizing the Needle

The Holy Mushroom syringes are sold with the needles required for use. After installing the needle, be sure to keep it sanitized. Wear gloves and keep the general area around you sterile in order to ensure your mushroom spore inoculation is entirely successful.

Enjoying the Benefits of These Powerful Spores

While there is an exact science behind cultivating and utilizing mushroom spores, it’s important to remember that mushroom spores are boosting your overall quality of life.

That being said, it’s good to remember that incorporating these mushroom spores into your daily life should be an enjoyable experience overall. Take your time researching mushroom species – what you find might just surprise you!

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